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Commissions are traditionally customized pieces of original art which are requested by a buyer from a specific artist.

It is my great pleasure to offer this service to any interested collectors and buyers of art!

Keep reading here in order to more fully understand what the process of requesting a commissioned painting entails. Or, scroll below to see some examples of studies I have developed for commissioned pieces.

In order for both artist and buyer to understand exactly what the buyer desires, it is important to consider key questions about theme, logistical requirements (size, materials, etc), timeline, and price.

The first thing I ask anyone whom is interested in having a custom painting created is:
What made you come to me with your request? Was there a specific piece of mine, or perhaps several pieces that you responded to in a way that made you think that I could create something just for you?

When it established that I am the best fit for your request we can move on to the basics.

Best Baby
oil on canvas
50" x 34"
ink on synthetic paper
9" x 9"
Comet Come On
ink on paper
8" x 8"
Mr. Gaydos
ink on paper
9" x 12"
Dog Paradise
oil on panel
20" x 16"
Cahill Boat
oil on canvas
22" x 40"
Fudd for Phil
flashe and oil on panel
16" x 12.75"
Happy Dog
ink on yupo
Blue Dog
ink on yupo